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Finally, House Pictures

I have been aware that I have not posted any pictures of the new house. I don't know why that is, except that I guess I've been busy/lazy/not in the mood/whatever. Anyway, here they are. They are not extremely recent. I think some were taken in September and some in October.


Where the kitties eat in the kitchen

Living room



Computer room

Hallway leading from kitchen to garage

Cellar (and yes, that's what we call it around here; NOT a basement ^_~)

View from front porch

Back deck

View from back deck (yes, just woods, but it's peaceful)

House from the outside

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I really like it! And the woods around it are lovely. *^^*

Is the cellar/basement distinction a regional-variation thing, or is it whether one gets into it through the house or from outside? (I just realized that I think of "cellar" as "you go in through outside" and "basement" as "you go down a staircase inside the house", but possibly I'm conflating "cellar" with "root cellar" or something.)

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The pictures look so nice! I love your new house :)

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No need to apologize about a picture being "just" woods! We've lived in the city all our lives; we love looking at pictures of woods! (Sometimes we like going out into woods, but most times we prefer to stay indoors where there's a lot less dirt and bugs. But we still love the pictures!)

Anyway, your house and your yards are lovely!
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Love all the windows, the polished wood floors, and the twin "cat stations". Also the quilt! (My roomie loved that.) I have a desk very similar to the one you have a laundry basket under. Cellar, huh? (Or is that "cellah"?) You have lovely views, but I'm prejudiced - I love any view that includes trees. Don't think "It's just woods", think "It could be an alley." *g*